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Obituary for Guy Steven Reano

Guy Steven Reano, 69, passed away on January 27, 2022, peacefully at home. He was found cuddled in his bed, physically exhibiting the very word he would always say... “SMILE”. He filled many roles to so many people. To the family, he was Dad, PaPa, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Boyfriend and to so many others, Santa.

However, there was another term that describes him, and it described him well. A term that he took pride in and that was P.I.T.A (pain in the ass/arse). A name many of his nurses and dialysis techs loved using. He loved to give them a hard time, knowing that the “love” would be returned. He could dish it and take it with the best of them.

Of course, this name was also very fitting in his personal life. You could cook two eggs the same way, give him one and he would tell you “That’s the wrong one”. Or, like his father, would tell you that you are wasting gas by not going a certain route.

Guy had a passionate love affair with pocket snacks, candy canes, Costco, books, collecting, western movies, cooking shows, and especially making people smile and feel loved.

He took fashion cues from no one. His signature everyday look was all his: a plain pocket T-shirt (which he crammed everything possible into, causing the neck to pull down slightly) and a pair of jeans. If it was winter, you would find him accessorizing with a knit cap and fleece vest, that spoke to his practical simple side. Besides his everyday wear, he would dress in his overalls and a bandana anytime anyone needed a helping hand or when he would be volunteering to maintain trails in CO.

His super hero outfit however was his Santa Suit. For one month a year he would don his suit to raise money, deliver presents as Santa on fire trucks, visit kids in the hospital, go to various emergency rooms on Christmas eve, and visit the schools his children and grandchildren attended. Most precious were the times he was Santa for all of the young children in the family, leaving such a great legacy.

We will miss his enormous personality, amazing hugs, wealth of selflessness and friendly smile. We invite you to send photos and stories that will be included in a book “Not just any Guy”. Please send it to Cara Reano @

In lieu of flowers, we ask that you donate to one of the following in honor of Guy Reano. Volunteers For Outdoors Colorado at Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado | Become a Natural Resource Steward ( or Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation at